At Tribe Sauce we’re a little quirky – we like to break the mould, thriving on creating new ideas and hatching off-the-wall but brilliant creative plans. When it comes to our clients there are no go-to templates or formulas, because each client’s challenge is unique and requires a brand new solution. Our service offering ranges from customer insights, analysis and strategic research, all the way up to effective creative marketing solutions.

Our work is formulated with a ‘right tools for the right job’ mentality – along with our multi-talented team and a bank of consultant specialists with whom we work to deliver the ultimate in client satisfaction.


Tribe Sauce is an interactive full-service advertising agency.

Tribe Sauce was born out of decades of traditional advertising experience and the unique skill-sets of the people who are part of our Tribe. Here's what we can offer you:

Sound Strategic Thinking

Based on thorough research and years of knowledge – your unique journey with us is custom-made to fit within your budget and specific needs. Focus and direction is invested to ensure an increase in your return on investment.

Unique Ideas and Conceptual Skills

With the ability to conceptualise, analyse and fully understand complicated ideas in the business segment we will generate creative ideas best suited to influence the market positively.

Media Planning and Buying

We analyse and plan media from a packaged point of view based on delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. We identify Tribes of people and use both traditional and digital forms of communication to affect the behaviour of your clients.

Community and Relationships

We will foster a strong relationship with your brand that engages both clients and customers through a strong social media strategy, planning and execution. Our digital executions link up to all forms of social media and online marketing with hard reports that illustrate their effectiveness.

Exceptional Creative Execution

Every idea, whether it is for Television, Radio, Print, Digital or Online, is designed to stand out in the media that it is intended for. Our passion lies in creating work of a world-class standard and always taking pride in what we’ve created.

Research, Insights and Analytics

In-depth research is conducted into every campaign prior to its market exposure, with tests continually conducted whilst in the market place. We provide clear insights and analytics on all our communication efforts and campaigns in order to understand the changing needs of customers and ultimately help you discover new opportunities.


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About Tribe Sauce

Our Tribe is creative, driven, and generally sane… and it makes us happy when we’ve done our jobs well and you can see tangible results in your brand’s success. Our goal is to tell your story so you can connect to your tribe while leading them towards making a change.

You'll find that our Tribe is spread throughout South Africa, with tribe members located at our offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, working hard to further expand our global client base.

Our Story


    Anthony worked as Creative Director of BBDO South Africa for five years, and was on the South African Creative Directors board. Deciding to spread his wings, he made the move to BBDO New York. After a brief spell in NYC he relocated to Santa Barbara, California to take up the position of partner and franchisee of the Boston based agency, Adnet. The next couple of years were interesting times, which saw Anthony take up residence in a mustard yellow caravan, "The Flying Duck" in the San Padre Mountains. This however did not stop him from winning numerous awards for his unique conceptual flavour


    After five years abroad Anthony, African at heart, decided he longed for the African skies and so in the mid-nineties returned home, bringing with him his wealth of experience. He started Adnet in South Africa and over twenty years turned it into an advertising powerhouse, representing blue-chip clients that included Sasol, PWC, Canon and LG to name a just a few.


    Meanwhile, Charmaine was polishing her craft as a designer and working her way up the creative ladder. Advertising proved to be a small world, with Anthony and Charmaine crossing paths at a midnight broccoli braai, leading to Charmaine joining Adnet as an Art Director. Charmaine flourished under the guidance of Anthony but after six years decided to live out every creative person’s dream – to lie on the beach and conceptualise – and so Red Hat Design Studio was born. In addition to representing her local clients, she regularly did freelance jobs for agencies in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Anthony included.


    Lying on the beach eventually became mundane and Charmaine needed a change. She moved to Cape Town and widened her skillbase to include Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. She knew where the future of advertising was… and so did Anthony. Leaving her position as an Art Director at Mustard Seed Relationship Marketing after two years, the pair once again joined forces. Together they united decades of experience and a now vast and diverse set of skills. And so, Tribe Sauce, a Virtual Adverting Agency was born.


    Two years on, and with a deep understanding of the new world of relationship marketing, Tribe Sauce is growing by leaps and bounds. We invite you to collaborate with us and allow our talented team to revitalize your story.

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